Agency for music content and partnerships
MRSAM is an agency for music content and partnerships. We create content within a domain people naturally have a strong, positive and emotional connection with: music

As people are becoming less open to traditional advertising brands increasingly look into branded content for their communication.

Music is one of the key content domains that brands consider as music is important to people of all ages, impacts people and has enormous reach in the media that matter most today.

However, the music industry can be complex as brands deal with multiple stakeholders: artists, managers, labels, publishers and bookers

Create & Connect

We develop creative concepts and formats based upon audience understanding and insights that come from data and easy to understand strategies.


We independently connect brands and marketeers to music industry parties for financial dealmaking and creative collaborations. We select producers and production companies for execution, based on project needs.

Distribute & Learn
We plan for distribution of content in organic and native, paid media and optimise our content based on data and insights from analytics.

We work for brands, creative agencies, PR companies, influencer agencies, media publishers, media platforms and media agencies.

We collaborate with an international network of both major- and independent artists and music labels, DJs, publishers, artist managers, bookings agencies, sound systems and sync specialists.
Music State TV
For KPN we were asked to create a TV format of the popular music platform Music State, that MRSAM had developed a year earlier. Music State TV was developed in order to promote content for younger audiences on KPN's on demand platform KPN Presenteert.
Smirnoff Sound Collective Camp
For Smirnoff we've set up Sound Collective Camp at four music festivals. Smirnoff's Sound Collective Camp is a party within a party and promotes Smirnoff's brand essence 'Yes We're Open!'. Besides the brand activation at the festivals we created a series of short docs around the performing artists inviting them to talk about what 'Openness' means to them and their creative process.
New York Pizza x Mr. Polska
New York Pizza hired a plain to fly 200+ prize winning pizza lovers to Ibiza for a 24hr party. In stead of making a boring after movie we send Mr Polska along to shoot a video for a new track, about... pizza! As an extra we got the Polska pizza on the menu! Check the video here!

KPN Sound Speakers @ADE
When KPN launched their own premium VOD platform 'KPN Presenteert' we were asked to create a TV format. Due to KPN's official ADE partnership MRSAM created a TV format for KPN named Sound Speakers @ ADE. In a series of 8 episodes 8 of the world's leading DJ's were invited to talk about their past, present and future. MRSAM was responsible for the concept, production and artist handling and the show has been renewed for the next season.

KPN Festi-State
Based on the insight that in the crowded festival space it is easy to miss the must-see acts we developed a video serie for KPN called Festi-State. In 8 episodes host Veronica van Hoogdalem and a Dutch artist discuss line-up's of KPN festival partners and visit an upcoming talent at the festival
UBER x Martin Garrix
For Uber MRSAM created an On Demand nightclub that could be ordered by Uber users through the Uber App in Amsterdam @ ADE. During the Amsterdam Dance Event Uber users could select an on demand nightclub. As a result a large black Uber bus turned up at your house and you were invited to join the party. The Uber On Demand Nightclub hosted top DJs like Martin Garrix and Oliver Heldens.

Beat The Macho
By the Dutch foundation Rutgers WPF we were brought on board of the campaign Beat The Macho, where the main object was to show young men that it is quite alright to listen to yourself. How they wanted to reach their audience? Through music. Check out the campaign and the two surprise mixes produced by the talented young Timo and Kromabis right here
LG #Lifesgoodmusic
As a follow up on our LG branded #lifesgoodmusic which was first launched at the Pharrell concert in the Ziggo Dome, we now tuned in at the concert of Hardwell. We organized a Meet & Greet with Hardwell's biggest fans, through an activation launched on the LG Facebook page and filmed their experience. Curious? Check out the video!
Spotify x AXE BlackStage
Spotify launched a collaboration with AXE called: Spotify Black Stage. The concept 'less is more' is based on the AXE Black line. A campaign has been launched, where contestants can win entrance to a live performance of their favorite artist.

KPN #SecretDemo
We activated KPN's official partnership with the Amsterdam Dance Event by giving young artists the unique opportunity to let DJ Sam Feldt and Spinnin' Records A&R listen to their demo. Based on the insight that back in the day every kid wanted to be a football player but nowadays young men aspire to become a top DJ we set up DJ Sam Feldt and Spinnin' Records A&R on a secret studio location in Amsterdam. Check #SecretDemo here!
who we work for
A dedicated team of music specialists with an international network of partners that allows us to up- and downscale activities flexibly

Independent to best serve a brand's interest:
Free choice of partner for production, media, artist, label and/or music

Based on a passion: Love for music translated into music expertise

We based our work process on our key beliefs
We believe cultural understanding is key for creating communication people are open to

We believe humans are programmed for stories and original stories get the most attention

We believe the music industry is complex & it takes specialists to deliver efficiently

Distribute & Learn
We believe great stories told in the wrong context loose meaning

is what we love..
MRSAM loves all kinds of music. Curious what we listen to at the office? Check out our playlist
Our office is based in amsterdam. Get in touch,
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